WikiaSpam is a spam-detection bot that resides in #wikia-spam. See here for a list of commands.

Each day at 00:00 UTC, WikiaSpam will also report possible spam and non-spam wikis based on wiki statistics at List:Spam wikis.

Here is a brief explanation of the bot's keywords when reporting spam in #wikia-spam:

  • XRM: IP creates a page where the title is very similar to the summary.
  • URL: User created new page with a URL similar to their username.
  • THR: User with editcount lower than 3 posted a link on their own wall.
  • COI: User created a wiki whose name or URL is similar to their username.
  • WUR: User inserted a URL on a new wiki in less than 1 hour after creation.
  • DUR: Same as URL but for Discussions.
  • FLT: User matched a title, summary, content or URL blacklist.

Here is the full explanation:


XRM | |

XRM hits when an IP creates a new page where the title is equal to the summary they've entered. This is a very common type of spam.


URL (88%) | Rappy 4187 | |
DUR (88%) | Rappy 4187 | |

URL hits when a user creates a new page and inserted a link that is similar to their username. DUR is the same as URL, but for Discussions.


THR | Rappy 4187 | |

THR hits when a user under 3 edits added a new link on their own message wall.


COI (88%) | Rappy 4187 | COI (88%) | Rappy 4187 | | Rappy 4187 Wiki

COI hits when a user created a wiki, where the title OR URL is similar to their username.


WUR | Rappy 4187 |

WUR hits when a new link has been inserted on a brand new wiki within an hour.


FLT | Rappy 4187 | | rappy (content, #234) | rappy (summary, #235) | rappy (title, #236)

FLT relies on the thousand of filters the bot has in his memory to check various composants when editing, commonly a the bot will check if a new page matches an URL filter, summary, title or content filter.


All commands are for voiced users only.

Note: Please refer to this document if creating regex filters.

You need to convert these:

\bword\b = [[:<:]]word[[:>:]]
\s = A space
\w = [a-zA-Z]
\d = [0-9]
Global commands
Command Target Description Example
!check index - Checks a FLT filter by passing the filter number  !check 444
!test text - Checks if the text entered matches any FLT filter.  !test watch full movie today
!add target text title, summary, content, hitword Adds a FLT filter. Use with caution! Can be text-only or include case insensitive regex  !add content watch.*online
!wl target user add, rmv, check Adds or removes a user to the whitelist. Can also check if a user is on the whitelist.  !wl add Rappy 4187
!rmv index - VSTF ONLY - Removes a FLT filter  !rmv 444
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