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You can use this page to leave reports of bad vandalism on wikis that have no admins to clean things up, or in cases of cross-wiki vandalism. When reporting vandalism, please include a link to the Wiki as well as a link to the vandal's contributions page.

VSTF does not do CheckUser requests. Please contact Fandom Staff instead.

Woolyquestionable1 at The Albert Cult (Pony Town) Wiki

Ig89hw4g89h4uve at Dragon Adventures Wiki

Mkjni22uh7ygt at Angry Grandpa Wiki at JurassiCraftMod Wikia

Pacxd at Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator Wiki at Rainbow Six Wiki at ROBLOX Camping Wiki

3 users at I Ready Wiki at Blackbando's Homebrew Wiki

AlphonseTree at A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki at Fugget About It Wiki

TheIndianDuckArmy at DARLING in the FRANXX Wiki

4 users at Fugget About It Wiki at Ultimate Driving Roblox Wikia

Taylorswift.c at the-incredibles

Taylorswift.c keeps making edits like:

He was blocked on the Disney Wiki, Taylor Swift Wiki, and Pixar Wiki. Since this Wiki is mostly abandoned and never really grew anyway, perhaps it could be redirected to the Pixar Wiki which already covers all the information in far greater detail.

Also isn't there a bot that tells you guys when someone has been blocked from multiple wikis so you can then go and see if you need to ban them across all of wikia/fandom?

TheIndianDuckArmy at DARLING in the FRANXX

Sailorrbacon at Oblivioushd Wiki

Danduda at Truck Simulator wiki

  • Wiki:
  • Vandal:
  • Reason: This user is vandalizing the Idaho page and uploading pages to Truck Simulator Wiki that are not confirmed, are based off of third party mods, and information that comes from concept maps on sites like Reddit and European forms that are not supported by ATS or Euro Truck. He is also getting into flame wars with the sites administrators and authors and we had to undo many of his edits. Several pages he vandalized under different names contain cuss words and false achievements and he has called me a liar and swore at me with a racist name and a sexist slur. Please remove him and revert all his edits.
  • Signature: -- Geomodelrailroader (talk) 02:33, February 15, 2020 (UTC)
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